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The website at (hereinafter 'the Website') is only accessible to pension funds and members of pension funds (hereinafter 'the User' or 'the Users') that have concluded an agreement with us on the administration of an available defined-contribution scheme (the section of the Website available to members only). This Website (specifically the public section thereof) and the information it contains are not intended for or to be used by visitors from countries and jurisdictions other than the Netherlands, in particular residents of the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom or Canada. The information presented on this Website does not constitute an offer in relation to an issue of securities nor does it hold out the prospect of such an offer. Access to the members-only part of the Website and the information contained there is granted on condition that the User agrees to the following provisions.

Information on the Website
Great care has been taken in producing this Website and ensuring that all the information published on the Website is complete and correct. In connection with this, we make use of suppliers we believe to be reliable. We do not, however, guarantee or certify in any way, either explicit or implicit, that the information published on the Website or accessible through the Website is reasonable, correct or complete. Published information is provided solely as an indication and is subject to change. The information may be changed at any time without prior notice being given.

No rights may be derived from the published information, recommendations or calculations. The value of investments may fluctuate, and results obtained in the past provide no guarantee for the future. The information published on the Website does not constitute investment advice or a financial service. The information is not designed to encourage the User to buy or sell any product or buy any service, nor is it intended to be used as the basis for investment decisions.

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Neither we nor the other suppliers of information to this Website accept any liability what-soever for the content of this Website and/or the information and recommendations pub-lished on or via the Website. Such information and recommendations are subject to change and may be amended without any prior warning.

Availability of Website
We make every effort to ensure that this Website works well and is constantly available for many important reasons, including the fact that external parties are dependent on this. However, it is impossible to guarantee that the Website works properly and/or is constantly available. We trust that you will understand this. We wish to draw attention to the fact that we cannot accept liability for any losses incurred owing to the Website being unavailable or not working properly at any time, including losses due to messages (including e-mails) relating to transactions being damaged or to delays or problems affecting their delivery.

References and hyperlinks
References and hyperlinks to other websites are intended solely as information for the User. We there do not provide any guarantee concerning the accessibility of the relevant websites or the information they contain, and accept no liability for the operation of those websites and/or the accuracy and completeness of the information to be found on them.

Users are naturally keen to ensure they can conduct online transactions in the safest possible way. We and our suppliers give high priority to security, the protection of this website and the protection of data. Every effort is taken by us and our suppliers to ensure appropriate measures and provisions are in place to protect the interests of members in this area while at the same time ensuring the Website remains user-friendly (for more information see 'Security'.). However, given the open nature of the internet, neither we nor our suppliers can guarantee that the measures that have been put in place are complete and/or accurate at all times. We accept no liability for losses incurred by Users in connection with or as a result of the security or protection of the Website and information or the lack thereof.

Intellectual property rights
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Applicable law
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