About My Pension: a complete solution

Due to increasing life expectancy, the shift within society from collectively managed pensions to individually allocated pensions, and the desire from corporates to manage the costs and the on balance sheet liabilities associated with pension plans, we see a shift from collective defined benefit pension to defined contribution (DC). Defined benefit pension schemes have been unable to provide full indexation which strengthens the case for introducing a DC pension plan. The DC plan gives employees more control over how their pension savings are invested and insight into their expected income in retirement.

With My Pension Goldman Sachs Asset Management B.V. (GSAM) offers a comprehensive and contemporary solution for running defined contribution pension schemes. Its an online solution that meets your needs and those of your participants.

Complex environment
As a pension fund, you are faced with Duty of Care, which requires you to carefully advise your participants regarding the investment policy to be followed and the diversification of investments. Your administrative burden grows, because you have to determine your participants profiles and regularly review their pension investments.

A variety of participants
Your participants are not a homogeneous group; they have different needs and desires. However, they all want to get the best results from their pension investments and they bear the investment risk themselves. Your participants share responsibility for a good pension. Whatever the case may be, they all need clear communication. My Pension provides for those various needs of your participants.

We also ensure that your participants receive all the information they need to make well considered investment decisions and we will notify them as soon as their portfolio asset allocation diverges from the intended mix.

The team behind My Pension
Within GSAM a specialised team is responsible for the servicing of My Pension to pension funds. Next to the state of the art portfolio composition, the management of the LifeCycle Mix and the innovative support with the duty of care, we focus on clear communication and information for the participant and offer you extensive online reporting possibilities.

Learn more about My Pension?
Do you wish to learn more about the possibilities of My Pension for you and your participants? Please contact us at info@mijnpensioen.nnip.com.